Is a project deals with solitaire rings, as an external marker that defines the relationship and signifies commitment between two people.
The jewel has become stronger as it is today following a campaign by De Beers. A campaign that instilled the term "Diamonds are Forever".

The rings I design ask questions about the solitaire ring, what it means, what its weight is in the relationship, what materials it is involved in, and what its presence in the wearer's life.
When the glass represents the fragility of a relationship, the rock stands for the difficulty and stability, and the metal gives the classics another point of view.
The materials selected are basic, fundamental, which do not experience time vulnerability,  yet reflect the decision, this moment in time, and commitment along with the difficulty, fragility, stability and containment.
The engagement rings I designed are preserving the existing ritual and disrupting the material and technological fixation.
The result, to me, reflects the time (2019) in which relationships are not measured in the transfer of property but in a couple commitment, an element that I consider worthy of preservation.
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