In the window display, I chose to create a minimalist, precise and clean space, which allows both a single ring to be focused on, and challenged by the concept of "window" by using the mirror. Raises the question is it still a window, since what we see in its reflection is ourselvesI chose to present one significant project during the projects I did in school. I chose my soap ring for efficient and hygienic hand washing. The inspiration for creating the ring was created by looking at the hand washing gestures, and choosing to allow the soap object to interface with the body. The ring is made of plastic, which separates the soap and the wetness of the finger, a lump of soap around it.
 I chose to create a space that communicates with the shapes that already exist in the room. And so I worked with basic shapes: circle, rectangle, and the way they meet one another. I used basic shapes and presented them in a minimalist and clean way, in contrast to what is happening in the dirty space around them, a space that is not clean or minimalist but real from everyday life. I created a minimalist clean window, compared to an environment that is not clean, but real. And so I connected this move to cleaning, and the soap. With a quote on the window detailing the ingredients of the soap, in stark contrast to its use.
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